Leaira SouLight

Fitness Professional, Founder


SouLaira, LLC, formerly known as SouLight Dance Yoga is a Holistic Wellness and Fitness Company established in 2013, but has been in the heart of Leaira, Creator & Lead Yoga Instructor for many years. The company prides itself on being true to the essence of pure self. Through artistic expression, yoga, dance, and fitness one is able to experience joy, enhancement of confidence and improvement of strength, flexibility and mobility. The primary activity of the company is to provide excellent services and loving products to any soul being that wants to practice a healthy blissful life through healing techniques and holistic tools.

It is SouLaira’s mission to create a healing space where one can enjoy finer things in life using one’s own natural mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional abilities. We understand that strategic and rhythmic body motion combined with static and meditative stillness opens the path for love and deeper self-healing. SouLaira intends to create and market the value of healing and inner peace through all of its services and products with high quality content, programs, and holistic tools.